Packing Services

Packing techniques of expert movers.

Packing is essential to the moving process.  How you household memories are wrapped, boxed and protected prior to transit makes all the difference on move-in day. Our expert movers have provided the following summary of packing advice to help you have the smoothest moving experience possible.

Professionally trained packers work with ease and efficiency.  They go from room to room, selecting proper carton and cushioning materials for each item. Crystal, glassware and dishes, for example, easily fit into custom dish pack cartons.  Each item is individually wrapped with clean newsprint before being placed within the protective walls of our corrugated cartons.  A team of National packers can complete the job in far less time than you might think - because they pack household memories every day.

When customers choose to pack for themselves, we want to provide as much assistance as possible.  Contact Sam's Express Moving and ask about the quality of packing supplies you need for a long distance move.  Our full complement of cartons, range of cushioning materials and tape used by our movers are also available for your purchase.

Packing Services

Did you know that there actually IS a rhyme and a reason to how you pack for your big move?

With so many small items - and especially your fragile keepsakes - it's incredibly important to handle everything with care. Whether you simply don't have the time, patience or extra hands to help in the process, Sam’s Express is here ready to help.

We offer all of the necessary materials to pack the whole house.

Provide Packing Materials

Whether it’s boxes or bubble wrap that you need, we have you covered!

If you decide to handle the packing process yourself, we still aim to offer as much guidance as possible, starting with helpful resources such as Packing Tips from our parent company, National Van Lines. If it’s boxes that you need, we have you covered there, too! With a large selection of box sizes, tape and mattress bags, we’ll deliver your purchases free of charge.

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